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For more than three decades Vivienne Westwood has forged her way into the hearts, minds and purses of fashionistas across the globe. Now she has found a place with Melissa.

Westwood has created two models through her Anglomania brand exclusively for Melissa. Westwood’s classic Mary Jane originally made out of leather has been re-birthed in plastic. In addition, as Westwood lends her Anglomania design to Melissa … Melissa returns in kind with Westwood doing her own take on the cult Melissa ‘Ultragirl’ slipper.

Westwood’s trademark practicality is a faultless match for Melissa’s injected thermoplastic. “This technique guarantees perfect shapes without interweaves as we see in fabrics …” says the designer herself. In Anglomania all of Westwood’s quintessential Englishness and unabashed historicism loans itself neatly to her creations for Melissa’s collection. Westwood is an institution, now the esteemed matriarch counts the Melissa brand as a part of her monarchy.


Alexandre Herchcovitch thinks as Melissa thinks: fashion is fun, clothes communicate and design is all about style.

Being ahead of its time, creating different styles and seeing fashion as a strong communication channel has always been Melissa’s way of life. It was this belief that led Melissa to Alexandre Herchcovitch – a designer who is able to transform classic into modern, simple into glamourous, easy into complex and shoes into a fashion accessory.

During his 14 year career Herchcovitch has presented his fashion collections at Sao Paulo, London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and has recently opened his first store in Tokoyo. Selected products of his are sold in the USA, Canada, France, Spain and Australia.

Herchcovitch’s collaboration with Melissa began in 2002 and since then he has created two or more styles for Melissa every year. The models created by Herchcovitch are now the most cherished fashion icons on the cosmopolitan circuit. Working on a simple concept – to seek fun – the designer has combined plastic with style and started a new chapter in design.


The Campana Brothers are two of the world’s most famous Brazilian designers.

In 1983, the two brothers teamed up to develop furniture made from ordinary materials – including waste products such as cardboard, rope, fabric and wood scraps, plastic tubes, aluminum wire. By the early 90s, they had already gained considerable international acclaim, notably in Europe and in the United States.

The Campana Brothers were first noticed in 1998 by the media, when they became the first Brazilian artists to expose their work at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, along with German lighting designer Ingo Maurer.

Melissa sealed a partnership with design duo campana brothers in 2004. The Campana brothers are best known for their smart and gorgeous manner of uniting the latest technology with rustic, Artisan materials. Their aesthetics borders simplicity, with a modern perspective of organized chaos and intriguing disorder.


"Since I moved to Paris at the beginning of this year, romaticism took over me and my thoughts ... so I decided to create a line both feminine and modern ... beautiful shoes covered with crystals that will illuminate the steps of melissa's customers" - J MASKREY.

After the success of the melissa 'bejewelled' line by J Maskrey launched in 2003, J Maskrey once again graces melissa with her glamorous talent with the launch of the Night Sky line. The styles that have received her magical touch are Ultragirl, Esmeralda, Vinyl, Joy and Lady Dragon. The name for the new line, Night Sky, came to J Maskrey on one of her trips whilst observing the beauty and lights of the Sky from her aeroplane window.

J Maskrey commenced her career as a make-up artist. She then decided to follow her creative ideas and began to develop jewellery to be worn directly on the skin - thus the begining of 'skin jewellery', her registered trademark. Clients of her unique and dazzling form of body art have included: Kate Moss, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Janet Jackson, Courtney Love, Yoko Ono, Cate Blanchett and Gwen Steffani. J Maskrey has collaborated with several top fashion brands as a result of developing her Skin Jewellery technique. These have included Ungaro Couture, Estee Lauder, Givenchy Parfum, Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel Judith Lieber, Alexander McQueen, Red Bull, Hugo Boss, SK II and many more.

In 2000 J Maskrey branched into clothing and debuted at London Fashion Week in 2001. Nowadays she lives in Paris concentrating on her ready-to-wear collections and working closely with melissa and various other collaborators.